Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golden Earthworm Organic Farm CSA

After reading the title of this post, many of you are probably wondering what CSA is. Well CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Members of a CSA will sponsor local farmers during the winter and are rewarded with a share of the farmer's crop through the spring, summer and fall. This year, I joined the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm's CSA program for the first time off a recommendation from a friend. Local, fresh and organic produce every week, I can't imagine anything more exciting for a food blogger. My crop share began on June 4th, and I will receive a bundle of produce every Tuesday from my local pick-up location for the next 26 weeks. Week one started off with the largest head of romaine I have ever seen, a big bunch of red kale, a bunch of arugula that was so fresh just the smell of it was delicious, a bundle of white turnips and a few baby bok choy.

Every week, I will receive a variety of produce and I have the pleasure of creating delicious recipes with the goods I am given. The highlight of the crop share is that you do not have a choice in what you receive, you get your share every week depending on what the farmer's choose to grow. This gives the members a chance to try different vegetables they may not necessarily pick up from their local grocery store. I know I never had the urge to pick up baby bok choy from the store, but after trying it in my share, it is now something I will be picking up more often.

Many farms offer a CSA program, but I highly recommend Golden Earthworm Organic Farm if you live on Long Island or in Queens. Golden Earthworm is located in Riverhead, New York on the East End of Long Island and it is a certified organic farm. For more information on the farm or the CSA program, visit their website at Golden Earthworm Farm.

It is too late for this season, but I highly suggest researching a CSA near you and highly recommend participating. I am excited to see what this year's crop brings and the recipes to go along with it.