Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aruba - Part 2

We did a lot of relaxing during the first few days of our trip to rest up for all the excitement to come. We eventually got sick of this view..

Just kidding! How could anyone get sick of that? But one morning we decided it was a beautiful day to go on a waverunner ride around the beaches. We spent an hour twisting and turning, jumping waves and getting soaked!

That day we worked up some appetite and went to our favorite restaurant on the island - El Gaucho. El Gaucho is an Argentinian steakhouse. You can order a steak as big as the table, or just a little petite one perfect for me. The side dishes were delicious and we finished the night off with a Dulce de Leche Crepe, but what really stole the show was the chimichurri sauce. Trust me when I say this sauce was sent from heaven!

Keeping with our adventurous spirits, the next morning we left on an ATV tour to the other side of the island from where the hotel is situated. By far this was the most amzing part of the trip. We spent hours riding rocky trails and up and down mountains looking out at the most amazing views. We visited a natural pool, a chapel built in 1750, a gold mine and a natural bridge.

That night, we visited Hostaria Da Vittorio, an Italian restaurant. We filled up on carbs to re-energize after the morning tour. I had the Fusilli Bolognese and Carmine had Linguine with Shrimp. We spilt a cannoli for dessert.

The end of the trip consisted of more lounging on the beach and relaxing at the hotel.

By the end of the trip, we were dreading our flight home to New York and planning when we could return. We both loved everything Aruba had to offer and are looking forward to our next visit. For anyone looking for a sunny and fun spot to visit, make sure Aruba is at the top of your list.


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