Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic Trifle

Headed to a BBQ for the 4th of July and can't figure out what to bring? Well this trifle is so easy to make and everyone will be blown away by its presentation.

1 box vanilla cake mix (Of course you can make your cake from scratch, I took the shortcut!)
1 tube red food coloring
1 large tub of cool whip
1 large container of strawberries
2 large containers of blueberries

Following the instructions on the box, bake your cake. However, prior to putting the mix into the pans, stir in a full tube of red food coloring.

Remove cake from oven and allow to cool completely. Cake needs to be easy to work with, so it must cool down!

Cut cake into 1 inch cubes. Line the bottom of your trifle bowl with the cubes. This will make your first layer.

Next, add a generous amount of cool whip and spread it out evenly over the cake. Cover the cool whip layer with blueberries. (I used one whole large container for this layer.)

Start from the beginning and add a layer of cake cubes on top of the blueberries and then coat that with another layer of cool whip. Now for the top, I used strawberries to rim the outside of the bowl and filled the inside with a final layer of blueberries. Fee free to get creative! Store in the refrigerator until it is time to go and get ready to collect the compliments! Enjoy!

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